Drag-On - Blue Money (2014)

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Drag-On - Blue Money lyrics

I'm feeling like this be the really shit I woke now
Meant on a boat now, just bought the dope down
Your money green my money blue
I been blowing money for you niggers knew how money blue
Watch out, I'm coming through
My ice drip, something like 100 blue
I pack something, heavy blow running loose
Niggers want me back, they... down the...
Fire boy, about to do them like the loose
My niggers got their heart tattooed like they part of...
Niggers wondering, how am I back in the...
Cause I made the... truth
Yo Jimmy... look at your little boy now
... on my own but I'm ready to come home now
Other ladies calling until my wife put the phone down
I am insomniac, I need a certain size check
He ain't... he ain't certified yet
He still hold a hammer that ain't circumcised yet
Niggers always money... bring them back 10 times, I ain't counting yet
Bring them back 10 times now my palm wet
Old t getting money out the complex
So I ain't asking labels is it my time yet
Only god decide, now here's a lullaby.