Drag-On - Blue Money lyrics (Chinese translation). | I'm feeling like this be the really shit I woke now
, Meant on a boat now, just bought the dope...
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Drag-On - Blue Money (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: I'm feeling like this be the really shit I woke now
ZH: 我觉得这真的屎醒来现在

EN: Meant on a boat now, just bought the dope down
ZH: 现在,船上的意思只是买毒品了下来

EN: Your money green my money blue
ZH: 你的钱绿色蓝色我钱

EN: I been blowing money for you niggers knew how money blue
ZH: 我一直在吹你黑鬼知道如何钱蓝色

EN: Watch out, I'm coming through
ZH: 小心,我会

EN: My ice drip, something like 100 blue
ZH: 我冰滴,有点像 100 蓝

EN: I pack something, heavy blow running loose
ZH: 我收拾东西,运行松散的沉重打击

EN: Niggers want me back, they... down the...
ZH: 黑鬼要我回去,他们下来......

EN: Fire boy, about to do them like the loose
ZH: 火男孩,要做他们像松

EN: My niggers got their heart tattooed like they part of...
ZH: 我黑鬼了他们的心纹像他们一部分的......

EN: Niggers wondering, how am I back in the...
ZH: 黑鬼在想,我怎么回......

EN: Cause I made the... truth
ZH: 因为我做了......真相

EN: Yo Jimmy... look at your little boy now
ZH: 哟吉米...现在看看你的小儿子

EN: ... on my own but I'm ready to come home now
ZH: ......我自己但是我准备好要来家里的现在

EN: Other ladies calling until my wife put the phone down
ZH: 调用直到我的妻子把电话放下其他女士

EN: I am insomniac, I need a certain size check
ZH: 我失眠,我需要某些大小检查

EN: He ain't... he ain't certified yet
ZH: 他不是......,他不是尚未证实

EN: He still hold a hammer that ain't circumcised yet
ZH: 他仍持有一把锤子,还不是受过割礼

EN: Niggers always money... bring them back 10 times, I ain't counting yet
ZH: 黑鬼总是钱把他们带回 10 倍,我还不计数

EN: Bring them back 10 times now my palm wet
ZH: 现在带他们回 10 倍湿我棕榈

EN: Old t getting money out the complex
ZH: 复杂的钱老 t

EN: So I ain't asking labels is it my time yet
ZH: 所以我不问的标签是不是我尚未

EN: Only god decide, now here's a lullaby.
ZH: 现在这里是一首摇篮曲,只有上帝才决定。