Dr. Jules - Why Can't We Love lyrics

Why can't we love those who love us so,
Why do we love those who will never go,
We cant control romance, we cant control that flow,
And if you want too much you will never know,

Love it moves in such uncanny ways,
You thought you'd love her (him) till the end of days,
Friendship a curse, when you can not start anew,
And then your like strangers that you never knew,

What is love, when it always ends these ways?
Why am I cursed to struggle for such better days?
To give up what you love, to find it once again,
Such a hard way to rub against the grain

You have contacts with some older flames,
But she who meant the most you'll never see again,
You hurt eachother, you couldn't see the signs,
How you'd sell your soul just to turn back time,

So many out there, they tell me, why dont you just call?
But I couldnt see myself, doing that at all,
But now she's(he's) gone for good, i guess I should just try,
So many souls I've let wander by