Dr. Jules - Human lyrics

Now you look at me with such an evil stare,
I guess that means its all still hanging in the air,
Where there is hate, there must have been the love,
So said some monkey swinging in the trees above

Your emotions clearly written on your pretty face,
i've seen love in it but now i'm also seeing hate,
Why does your pride stop you trying to forgive,
You'll just be bitter if you continue not to give,

I hurt you girl, but you know you hurt me too,
But I loved you as a friend and I am sure so did you,
I would never force you to submit to my other wish,
Your much too big for that

Your just so bitter these days,
All your love has walked away,
As if never to return,
Are you just scared to bare your heart,
So often its been torn apart,
By lovers and that friend

You are a person who will always stay around,
Positive or negative there will be no middle ground,
But why be bitter, when you know there was much love,
we made mistakes, we're only human

All I ask is that you try to smile at me,
However hard it is to burn that memory,
Of what I said on that fateful night,
If only I said "i'd rather love you than fight"