Dr. Jules - Boulevard East lyrics

Remember the days when I played my guitar,
Earning all my pennies in those Jersey Bars,
We took off to the Hudson in search of a dream,
And I looked at you like a look at peaches and cream,

Driving down those tiny little Cuban streets,
With no room to move and too many on their feet,
We couldn’t read the papers or the signs in the store,
But then we turned a little corner and head for the shore, and then we,
Opened up our eyes,
to look over from the Jersey side,

They could put us both in Brooklyn to look to the west,
But to us only one place really passed the test,
And with you at my side the view it really was the best,
As I turned my head to feast,
The view from Boulevard East,
Boulevard East,

Well we could never see the rays of a red sunset,
But then i’d look at your eyes and the hair that you’d set,
Although the wall of little lights seem to light up the sky,
They got a good run from those glittering in your eyes,
It seems like only yesterday,
When I turned to you to say

Well of all of the years that I spent stateside,
You will be the memory kept dearest inside,
Your my Miss America and for that you’ll always be mine,
As we rode the rainy street,
As we rode the rainy street,
As we rode the rainy street,
That they called Boulevard East,
Boulevard East,
Boulevard East,
Boulevard East