Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringing lyrics (Chinese translation). | intro:
, Yeah, whattup, this is Dr. Dre
, The party's goin on
, Thank God it's Friday
, ["Buck...
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Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringing (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: intro:
ZH: 简介:

EN: Yeah, whattup, this is Dr. Dre
ZH: 是的 whattup,这是痴心

EN: The party's goin on
ZH: 党的作伴

EN: Thank God it's Friday
ZH: 感谢上帝,它是星期五

EN: ["Buck buck buck buck booyaka shan!" - KRS One" rpt 4X]
ZH: ["Buck 巴克 buck 巴克 booyaka 山 !"-KRS 一"报表 4 X]

EN: Chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: Keep their headz ringin (ding ding dong, ring-gading ding ding dong)
ZH: 保持其 headz ringin (环 gading 丁丁东丁丁东)

EN: repeat 2X
ZH: 重复第 2 X

EN: Hey you, sittin over there
ZH: 嘿,你在那边惦

EN: Say what?
ZH: 说的是什么?

EN: You better get up out of your chair
ZH: 您更好地起床,你的椅子

EN: That's right
ZH: 是的

EN: And work your body down
ZH: 和你的身体工作下来

EN: Yeahhh...
ZH: Yeahhh...

EN: No time to funk around, cause we gon....
ZH: 芬克左右,因为我们尼泊尔政府没有时间 … …。

EN: Funk, you, right on up
ZH: Funk,你,放在最多

EN: So get up, get a move on, and get your groove on
ZH: 所以起床、 快点,和自己的唱片

EN: It's the D-R-E the spectacular
ZH: 这是 D R E 精彩

EN: In a party I go for your neck so call me Blackula
ZH: 一方在我去了因为你的脖子,所以叫我 Blackula

EN: As I drain a nigga's jugular vein
ZH: 正如我排著颈静脉

EN: and maintain to leave blood stains so don't complain
ZH: 和维护离开血渍所以不要抱怨

EN: Just chill, listen to the beats I spill
ZH: 只是冷静,听我溢的节拍

EN: Keepin it real, enables me to make another meal
ZH: 允许区实际,使我让另一顿饭

EN: Still, niggaz run up and try to kill at will
ZH: 尽管如此,运行的黑鬼并尝试在杀将

EN: But get popped like a pimple, so call me Clearasil
ZH: 但像粉刺获取弹出,所以给我打电话 Clearasil

EN: I wipe niggaz off the face of the Earth since birth
ZH: 我自出生后擦了地球上的黑鬼

EN: I been a bad nigga, now let me tell you what I'm worth
ZH: 我已坏的爱,现在让我告诉你,我值得

EN: More than a Stealth bomber, I cause drama
ZH: 我更多隐形轰炸机,导致戏剧

EN: The enforcer, music flows like a flying saucer
ZH: 执行者,音乐流像飞碟

EN: Or a 747 jet, never forget
ZH: 或 747 喷射,永远不会忘记

EN: I'm that nigga that keeps the hoes' panties wet
ZH: 我是那个保持锄头的小裤裤湿的爱

EN: The mic gets smoked, once you hear the beat kick
ZH: Mic 获取熏,一旦你听到节拍踢腿

EN: With grooves so funky, they come with a Speed Stick
ZH: 带槽那么时髦,他们来用速度棍子

EN: So check the flavor that I'm bringin
ZH: 因此,请检查我你知道应该如何的味道

EN: The motherfuckin D-R-E, will keep their
ZH: 他妈的 D R E 将保持其

EN: motherfuckin headz ringin
ZH: 他妈的 headz ringin

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: One-two for the crew, three-fo' for the dough
ZH: 船员,三-火炭 1 — 2 '面团的

EN: Five for the hoe, six-seven-eight for Death Row
ZH: 五个锄头,六七八个死亡行

EN: Mad niggaz about to feel the full effect of intellect
ZH: 疯狂的黑鬼想智力的完整效果

EN: So I can collect respect, plus a check
ZH: 所以可以收集方面,再加上一个检查

EN: Now I fin' to, get into to, my mental will take care of this business I need
ZH: 现在我翅 ' 去,成,我心理会照顾我需要此业务

EN: to attend to cuz my rent's due
ZH: 因为要参加我的租金应得的

EN: And this rap shit's my meal ticket
ZH: Rap 屁话的我的饭票

EN: So you goddamn right I'm gonna kick it, or get evicted
ZH: 所以你诅咒右我我踢它,或获取驱逐

EN: I bring terror like Stephen King
ZH: 我带像史蒂芬 · 金的恐怖

EN: A black Casanova, runnin niggaz over like Christine
ZH: 黑色的美男子,像陆恭狂奔的黑鬼

EN: When I rock the spot with the flavor I got
ZH: 当我摇滚的味道,我得到了与现场

EN: I kick plenty of ass, so call me an astronaut
ZH: 我踢屁股很多,所以叫我一名宇航员

EN: As I blast past another nigga's ass that thought he was strong
ZH: 正如我过去的思想的另一著屁股炸他是强

EN: But I smoke him like grass, just like Cheech and Chong
ZH: 但我吸烟的他像草,就像 Cheech 和庄

EN: When I flow, niggaz know, it's time to take a hike
ZH: 当我流时,黑鬼们知道,这是采取徒步旅行的时候

EN: Cause I grab the mic and flip my tongue like a dyke
ZH: 抢麦克风,并翻转我的舌头像堤的原因

EN: I got rhymes to keep you enchanted
ZH: 我得到了韵,使你的魔法

EN: Produce a smokescreen with the funky green to keep your eyes slanted
ZH: 生产保持你的眼睛斜,时髦的绿色烟幕

EN: So check the flavor that I'm bringin
ZH: 因此,请检查我你知道应该如何的味道

EN: The motherfuckin D-R-E, will keep their motherfuckin headz ringin
ZH: 他妈的 D R E 将保持其他妈的 headz ringin

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: Debonair with flair, I scare wear and tear
ZH: 温文有才华,吓的磨损

EN: without a care, runnin shit as if I was a mayor
ZH: 不在意,狂奔屎,如果我是一位市长

EN: But I ain't no politician, no competition
ZH: 但我不是任何政治人物、 没有竞争

EN: Sendin all opposition to see a mortician
ZH: Sendin 所有反对看送葬者

EN: I'm up front, never in the back drop
ZH: 我提前,永远不会在后面的下拉列表

EN: Step on stage and get faded just like a flat top
ZH: 踏上舞台并获得褪色就像顶部平坦

EN: Your rhyme sounds like you bought em at Stop N Go
ZH: 您的韵律听起来你买了 em 在停止 N 去

EN: Dre came to wax you so, just call me Mop N Glow
ZH: 来到蜡你如此,只是叫我币 N 发光的矿石

EN: Many tried to, but just can't rock with
ZH: 很多想,但就是不会与岩石

EN: I'm 6-1, 225, a pure chocolate
ZH: 我是 6-1225,纯巧克力

EN: Your chances of jackin me are slim, G
ZH: 您的高飞我的机会是超薄、 G

EN: Cause I rock from summer til Santa comes down the chimney
ZH: 原因我岩石从夏天直到圣诞老人从烟囱降临

EN: Ho ho ho, and so, as I continue to flow
ZH: 豪豪豪,因此,当我继续流

EN: Cause yo, I'm just a fly negro
ZH: 导致哟,我只是一只苍蝇内格罗

EN: So, check the flavor that I'm bringin'
ZH: 因此,请检查我进行的味道

EN: The motherfuckin D-R-E will keep their motherfuckin headz ringin.
ZH: 他妈的 D-R-E 会保持其他妈的 headz ringin。

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱