Dr Corpse Fucker - Mr Spock lyrics

You've got a little something on your cheek
And it's a shade of red i have surely seen
I've been eating people for a very long time
You just started, hey this carrion's mine
You seem to think that it stinks well you're mother fuckin
Weak i think your gonna get fucking caught
Eat it hot, eat it cold, it hits me in a special spot
Boost of libido, bustin out of my fuckin speedo
Alot of motha fuckin bones just eat it like chicken
While you dickin with the pickins i'm already finishin
Dip it in a little jin it'll make your fuckin head spin
Potatoe peel to your skin while your still awake
And make a steak out of your leg i'm lookin for the t-bone
I'm fishin through the stitches then tossin out a dinner bun
Havin' fun in the sun it's a mother fuckin barbecue
Kinda cool, follow rules, stay away from anal spew
Brand new batch of fools you gonna need about a dozen spools
Of thread is what i said to re-attach your fuckin head
But then there's nothing you can do your oozing flesh it makes me drool
You fuckin mule, i'm suckin bile rotting corpses i defile
Up a spire at the wire decaying flesh i desire
I'm at my best when i rip the heart of of your chest
Fuckin suck a rotten but it tastes a little like a juicy maggot
Then you bag it then i'm gonna make you fuckin eat it
Cannibal means nothing more than eating the flesh of your
Pathetic species rolled in feces with a side of green beans
You label me the freak of the week i'm at my fuckin peak
Of killing spree, drinkin' pee, i'm gonna be a fuckin legend
You'll see and might agree i'm not especially mean
But if you cross my path then i'm gonna eat yo fuckin spleen
I'll tell the whole block that killed you with my cock
And mr spock is smokin rock in a boat down by the dock
William fuckin shatner admiring the blood splatter
Look at art, smell my fart, seeping from a klingons bladder
Obie one kanobe roll me a fuckin doobie
Soupy bits of brain and i maintain a very strong campaign
This songs over but the story has just started
And if you check back soon you can hear what i've concocted
Now all i have to say is if you are blue
Call me and tell me to come and fucking eat you