Downpresser - Ice Cold lyrics

Don't try to say that I didn't warn you
Cause I'm not one to stick around
I'd rather apologize a hundred times
To someone else than once to myself
I've still got a demon's heart
If you heard my words you would've known from the start
I never said that I was nice
But I'm not evil, I'm cold as ice
Everything that I'm hearing is true
But I talk more shit about myself than you do
Save the guilt trip for another time
For someone else who hasn't made up their mind
How many times do I have to say
I want to do everything my own way
I try to take it easy when I know that it's not
I'm going on instinct, it's all that I've got
I have no choice, gotta do what I gotta do
Listen to my voice, realize I won't cheat myself for you