Downcast - From You & Me lyrics

The words that we speak are thorns in my side, pains to my heart and shocks to my spine. Our insecurities and ignorance make us quick to judge giving no second chance. Brainwashed by our society into classifying people by constant labeling. I can't help but think that we'll never see that people are equal despite differences from you and me. Female to male, we don't need gender pride – the choice isn't even ours to decide. Color to color, let's use our heads – when we cut don't we bleed the same color, red? Nation to nation, must we compete – don't we share the same soul beneath our feet? People to people, can we rise above – all of the past pain and hurt, and begin to love? Is there a possibility to look past the first things that we see and close our eyes to outward differences which really only serve as false pretences. I feel it again, day after day. Can I ever get far enough away. We're so blind, do you think that we'll ever see that people are equal despite differences from you and me. Are we so different from one another? In sex? Aren't the physical attributes enough? In color? Character is what should determine our differences. Nationality? Pride only alienate another. People to people, I find that we are all the same inside