Down By Law - Bullets lyrics

Well we're out tonight
Had another fight
Let's pour another round
You can't win
If you forget to grin
So get up off the ground
Nearly broke
That's no joke
Let's spend it while we can
Life is tough, but so are we
So take it like a man

Into the night
Dead end street in a pouring rain
Into the night
Bottoms up helps numb the pain

Well she said you're just a silly boy
I've heard that song before
Played the part with a broken heart
Then I walked right out the door
Don't know where I'm going
Don't know where I've been
Looking for direction
Gonna find it with my friends

Into the night
Dead end streets and a pouring rain
Into the night
Bottoms up, you'll feel no pain

And there's no turning back tonight
There's no turning back tonight
We're bullets tonight
Loaded bullets tonight

Woah-there's no turning back