Dovetail Joint - As Good As It Will Ever Be lyrics

I don't want to take time off, I don't quit until we've tried
Nothing easy to maintain, now and then we're all unsatisfied
I was lit a like time bomb, you were hanging around waiting to go off
You would get me to calm down, I would fan the flames and light the spark

That's just a memory to you now

There were times it was torture, I would hide for days just to escape
There were times it was rapture, you could see the future in my face
I would break like a small boy, I would keep emotions in the dark
You would play like a princess,
I would make you Queen and crown your heart

You're my reflection like the ocean to the sky

Oh one more time...and to survive
I need you to breathe.... deep
I don't know why....but I beg to agree
'Cause good for you, is good for me, is as good as it will ever be

I don't want to get angry, I don't want to waste time taking sides
Middle ground that we came to, never seemed to make up any time
You don't have to accuse me, if you need to blame then I confess
It was a mutual feeling, opposite attraction at its best.

You're my reflection like the ocean to the sky