DoubleHappys - Some Fantasy lyrics

From the high times to the low times
Tell me what you're doing boy
Get your feet back on the ground again
Hit it up, higher and higher now
Like you've been awake all night with those
Spills and pills - I tell you now you're losing it
Get your head out of the sand and
Open your eyes, you will see
All of God's creatures - a misery
Some fantasy
I don't believe that fatalism is an end in itself
Between the bottles the sun will still rise
It seems the good must surely go to heaven
and I ain't got a thing to worry about
Because complacency told me not to bother
And hypocrisy told me something else again
24 hours a day, seven days a week
A misery
Some fantasy
But I don't have to throw my life away
But I would gladly give it to you, oh
Darling forever ain't long enough
Love must last longer than time itself
Better than... some fantasy
24 hours a day, seven days a week
Some fantasy