Dot Rotten - Karmageddon (2012)

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Dot Rotten - Karmageddon lyrics

Here we go
Its just the start
Yet we know
Weve come so far
We weren't here at the beginning
But here we are
Looking up at the sky
Admiring the disappearing stars
And we can watch the clouds turn back
Before see the world explode
I dont think that ill turn back
I just hope this world is cold
And we can see the mountains crumble
Before we hear the volcanoes
If we can find our own way home
I will always hold you close
Prayin' for the wooorld......
Prayin' for the world..

When the world
Turns to ashes
Will i still, be here, standing
Will i!?
Have to witness armageddon
Will iiiii
Have to witness armegeddon
(aahooooooh)have to witness armageddon
(aahooooooh)have to witness armageddon
(will iiii) have to witness armageddon
(aahooooooh)have to witness armageddon

Tell me how we gonna win
We never talk a loss
The bridge to love is burnin
We can only look across
We screamin out for help
I never thought we'd fall
So i'm believin in myself, hands up
Now i'm prayin for the world
Hands up now i'm prayin' for the world..

Feelin confused, don't know what it's all about
Tryna keep my head together, london bridge is fallin down
Baby are you with me? I don't need your pity
Just help me right this way