Dope DOD - What Happened lyrics (Chinese translation). | Hey yo whats up Jay Reap?
, Nigger What’s cracking
, What you’re doing
, What’s going on
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Dope DOD - What Happened (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Hey yo whats up Jay Reap?
ZH: 嘿哟什么是向上 Jay 暹粒吗?

EN: Nigger What’s cracking
ZH: 什么开裂的黑鬼

EN: What you’re doing
ZH: 你在做什么

EN: What’s going on
ZH: 这是怎么回事

EN: What’s happening?
ZH: 发生了什么事情?

EN: Nowadays I’ll be pimping *and macking*
ZH: 如今会会拉皮条 * 和缠 *

EN: Selling cracking nigger are you still rapping/
ZH: 卖破解黑鬼是你仍然说唱 /

EN: What up
ZH: 怎么了

EN: I hang with the hardest mother fuckers
ZH: 在一起最难的混蛋

EN: I got rhymes from the bucket make you niggers wanna suck it
ZH: 我从黑鬼想要把它吸的桶让童谣

EN: But you loveless, I'm the epitome of God gifted
ZH: 但你没有爱,我是上帝恩赐的缩影

EN: When I busted my first rap the whole planet shifted
ZH: 当我抓过我第一次说唱整个星球转移

EN: Lifting your mind to the next stress hemisphere
ZH: 提升到下一个应力半球的主意

EN: Next level shit so you best just step in here
ZH: 所以你最好只是一步在这里的下一级别

EN: Check my gear, I got flavor mad hip hop
ZH: 检查我的装备,我有风味疯狂嘻哈

EN: I can front in the roughest neighborhood and not get shot
ZH: 我可以在最恶劣的邻居并不获得镜头前面

EN: I black out when niggers start hating shit
ZH: 当黑鬼开始恨狗屎知觉

EN: Run over your crew like the New England Patriots
ZH: 你像新英格兰爱国者队的船员在上运行

EN: The craziest but I am also the laziest
ZH: 最疯狂但也是最懒

EN: never turn on the tv so I don't know who Jay-z is
ZH: 所以我不知道谁 Jay-z 是从未打开电视

EN: What happened to rap and the 2.0 era
ZH: 发生了什么,说唱和 2.0 时代

EN: While you are getting worse I am only getting better
ZH: 在您获得更糟糕的是我只有越来越好

EN: Niggers too old, J young and fresha'
ZH: 黑鬼太旧、 J 年轻和田园 '

EN: I put them under pressure, professor I test ya
ZH: 把它们放在压力下,我测试震遐教授

EN: Chorus
ZH: 合唱

EN: What happened? Dope D.O.D became the illest
ZH: 发生了什么事?涂料 D.O.D 成为了最糟糕的男人

EN: What happened? Phony M.Cs is getting finished
ZH: 发生了什么事?获取完成假 M.Cs

EN: What happened? You face defeat and we are the winners
ZH: 发生了什么事?你面对失败,我们是赢家

EN: Wicked with the lyrics in the minute you're diminished
ZH: 恶人的歌词的一分钟你就减少了

EN: I hear people say back in the days he wasn’t like this
ZH: 我听到人们说回来在他不喜欢这样的日子

EN: Stuck in a cycle of drug sex and violence
ZH: 被困在药物性和暴力的循环

EN: The nicest reflects on your iris
ZH: 在你的虹膜的最好反映了

EN: gingivitis erupts through the gums of plenty of biters
ZH: 牙龈炎爆发通过充足的牙龈咬

EN: I'm the Excalibur weaponry wielder
ZH: 我的神剑武器主人

EN: Do you dare step into the deadliest field of
ZH: 你敢踏进最致命字段的吗

EN: hard core hip hop, we laugh at your idols
ZH: 核心的 hip hop,我们嘲笑你们的偶像

EN: I fuck your advice, I walk the path of a psychos
ZH: 我操你的忠告,我走的疯子的路径

EN: I kill MCs regardless of which rhyme I drop
ZH: 我杀了的 MCs 无论哪个韵我放下

EN: On top of the corpses we climb to the top
ZH: 在尸体上我们爬到顶部

EN: So who's next to flop cause he thought he was heavy
ZH: 所以谁是下一步扑通一声使他以为他是重

EN: The last one retired when I tore through his belly
ZH: 最后一次退役时撕裂了他的腹部

EN: The Cyborgs are ready to reboot the system
ZH: 械准备重新启动系统

EN: People go missing and I seems to have vanish
ZH: 人们去失踪和我似乎已经消失了

EN: They ask me what happened? Why do I act funny?
ZH: 他们问我发生了什么事?我为什么做有趣的行为?

EN: I stay braindead like I got bitten by a rat monkey
ZH: 我呆脑死亡的时间像我被老鼠猴子咬

EN: Every day I hear the same fucking BS
ZH: 我每天都听到相同的他妈的 BS

EN: The same old song, you just don’t progress
ZH: 同一首歌,你只是不要进度

EN: You won’t confess that you’re all fame obsessed
ZH: 你不会承认你是所有名人堂着迷

EN: I’ve seen it all and I am far from impressed
ZH: 我见过我和它所有我迄今从留下深刻印象

EN: I get a lot of criticism, you can be my guest
ZH: 我有很多的批评,你可以是我的客人

EN: This hip hop shit just got repossessed
ZH: Hip hop 狗屎就有被收回

EN: Peeps don’t wanna see us have any success
ZH: 偷看不想看到我们有任何的成功

EN: Is time for these rookies to go hit the benchpress
ZH: Benchpress 是这些新手去命中的时候吗

EN: You are not the guy I used to know
ZH: 你不是我以前认识的人

EN: It’s all about the rate of flow
ZH: 它是流动的所有有关率

EN: he's even got a Golden Globe what a way to go
ZH: 他甚至有金黄地球什么的路要走

EN: this prick didn't even greet me at the show
ZH: 这混蛋 didn't 甚至问候我在展会上

EN: thinks he makes art like he is Vincent van Gogh
ZH: 认为他能像他是梵高的艺术

EN: But no I turn from amateur to pro
ZH: 但没有我从业余转到临

EN: I put in work daily
ZH: 我每天都放在工作中

EN: You just don’t know
ZH: 你只是不知道