Doomtree - The Wren lyrics

I'm in your garden now, I picked them flowers out,
I went too far right now, I meant we bottomed out,
You dig for higher ground, You hit the fire now,
No time for stoppin' tore the wires out,

I've got this music in my head, I've got this hole in my chest,
I've got this bird in my hand that looks like it's been crushed to death,
But it's a players game, ante up and pick your token,
Keep one beneath your tongue for when your best gets broken,
I swallowed my tongue, I bided my time,
Tryin to do just this one thing right,
By the book with the hook descends I'm shook,
God knows I'll always bite,
Cuz part of the fun is in road rash,
Feelin the gravel go past,
And I don't care what they say,
There's no such thing as a clean break,

You're too smart to say what you think and I'm
Too real not to say what I feel,
But when it starts to sink, I grab the wheel,
I keep on steering for you, I keep on steering for you,

Reroute the end if I could, She want revenge and wants good,
She wants my head upon wood, lop it off the chopping block,
Shoulda stopped and watched them red flags, comin,
Then her red legs are runnin, Always heaven heavy drops to the floor,
Lockin the door, and that's it,
Don't let her in, no veteran, hello doll, the ???,
Then I'm back in the red again, latched to the skeleton,
Open, relax and just settle in, Enjoy that bad medicine,
Push it to the limits, Good beginings are the toughest ones to finish,

I found your pale faced, blue-lipped god beneath the kitchen table,
Starving, and eating paper, showed me what you'd wrote and what you'd asked,
Love, Nothing can live on prayers like that, love,

It's not vengeance, and it's not bloodlust,
Justice is just the rule of law,
So hold down the magician, the beautiful assistant,
Should get her turn with the saw,

Percocet, gauze, she workin' them claws,
Only purpose to draw more bad blood,
That's a sad war, love, You know that though,
You know those chains were self-imposed,
Your words must sting your molars,
Sing it slower, cursin while your world is sinkin lower,

Rewind and watch it go backwards, from last lines to first words,
The flash goes back in the camera, the flask back in the handbag,
Don't ask how after one phone call,
He hit two lovebirds with only one stone wall

Valentine's Day at the dead letter office,
Lookin for my girl like Yellow Ledbetter,
2:14, she said she left to find the meaning of life,
Whatever that means, I wonder where she's sleepin tonight,

I found your pale-faced, blue-lipped god...

You're too smart not to say what you think...

I'm in your garden now...

I'm in over my head, over my head,
You dig me deep (deep,) you dig me deep (deep,)