Doomtree - Bolt Cutter (2011)

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Doomtree - Bolt Cutter lyrics

My girl gave me a bolt cutter
We love to break in
Reclaim all the spaces
They forgot they had taken
And all this is ours
It's gonna be what we make it
If only the stars were close enough we would paint them

They said we couldn't have that
Square in the eye right back and said yeah, yeah
We going to take it anyway that's that
Anyways we don't feed out your hand
Look what we built with a grain of sand
It's the end of the golden era
We don't find terror
We define terror
Me and my girl we on the run
But we shoot back when the law man come
Hard to sleep when the darkness creeps
We won't quit till the job is done
We were trying to be quiet
But you incited a riot
Conquer divide it
We learn and applied it
Arrogance, audacity, your love is from a magazine
My love load a magazine
And she be shootin on you motherfucks

You know I've seen a little glory
And your trinket isn't it
Save your voice I know the story
Man abandons sinking ship
I heard you did your dissertation
On the rise and fall of man
You said the golden era's over but we'll rise and fall again
We lost some ground, we lost some time
Man look alive we lost enough
Yeah look around we're finders now
Clean that shit up you're losing blood
This ain't Kansas
Show of hands if you've said your prayers
Now put them down if you've got answers
This place it takes the faith of a man

She wants to spend the night in graveyards
Loves fair Plays hard
Look that's for keeps yeah that's for keeps
You break my skin with a needle
Break my hand in the face
Questions are equal
Yeah that's for creeps
There ain't no ground where I'm looking
I climb the twisted stairs it's funny
Cause I'm so high I'm more twisted
Then when I see your
We're going up to the top
She wants to see our city
Drippin in electric pedals
It's crazy but kinda pretty
Phony, watch your step, follow close
Fuck it if you get caught
The strongest links in the chain are the first to get cut
Together till we all fade
Keep the blade in the gut
They keep us in a cage too long
Don't think they care about us

The sign said something easily forgotten clearly
And time is not my problem she reminds me nearly hourly
I know this till I don't
All rules respected less with every step neglecting
Lessons about trespass
Passing old plans
Lost to the rent
Laugh till we sick
Passing a twist
So savage
We nag at your standards and spit
With a generally messed up view (Says who?)
That handle is safe
And we typically don't give much weight to a life with a worms eye view
We play like birds prey
Any place warm stay
love it
We own our space
Roam home
Any place aimed go