Donell Jones - Put Me Down - Life Goes On lyrics

Chorus 1
If I lace you would you lace me back
If I blaze you would you blaze me back
Spending big faces on the things you like
When ya going to put me down
If I ride for you, die for you
If I floss at any cost to you
Shorty all I want to know from you
Is when ya going to put me down

First time I saw you I was breathless
Looking flawless fifty on the necklace
And I had to add you to my guest list
Let you pass I had to put it down
We sipped and kicked a little convo
It's time to head back to the condo
And I know what we both came here for
Let me know what you're feeling now

Chorus 2
Do you want to open up and show me your love
Stop playing around and put me down
Stop holding back you gotta react
Why you're going to hold me down
You're perking plus we're working
All this flirting got me hurting
When you know I don't deserve this girl
Why you're going to hold me down

Chorus 1

Shorty I'm not trying to put a rush on you
Can't keep leavin' me with my love on blue
Nobody's here, we better make our move
I want to get into you
You want to get floss with the top down
Waiting on my love shorty stop that
What's it going to be, when are we going to put it down
I need to know right now

Chorus 2
Chorus 1

On the top floor of the president suite
Hit the tinted window in the back of my jeep
Or your friend's house on the living room couch
If you let me hit I'm going to blaze it out
Why don't you open up and let me come on in
And I'll never stop we can do it again
Because you take it where I want to be you got me in excite
You gotta let me know when you're going to let me hit it
And I'll never stop we can do it again
I want to know when you going to let me see it
Because girl you know you're going to let me get it

Chorus 2
Chorus 1