Don Trip - Break (2012)

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Don Trip - Break lyrics

Chill, the realest don’t need weed fizz
I say the realest don’t need weed fizz
Banana cake, yeah I’m a ape
A gorilla to be exact, it’s about time I ate
..and you’ll be coming sad on my plate
Yeah! We’re in the water with sharks and use your life bate
Bitch, I’m bowling!
As.. you fought niggas cause I’m great
I’m about to take my dope money on a blind date
And I’m a pussy crook, I’m on my crime way
Skipping Calley with the bad mistake I’ve made!
Work, work! Bad money, run a… down the highway
Led the even faster cars in my driveway
Never had a bad day, different mind state
Cause I’m good, as long as I’m alive and highly paid
Bring it down for my brother where he led the way
The jail time is more expensive than a Cardie
Never had shit, now all I rock is G
And I blow your car payment on a plaster plate
Yeah, I’m stunning baby, I’m a slave
..the bitch, so I fuck her while she…
Yeah, I’m still getting used to having cake
And everyday’s a movie…
I’m bowling!
Break, break,
I’m on a bar
Don’t know why I do it,
With my flow more flammable than light or fluid
I’m so fly, I make pilot music
in which your girlfriend about to get a private viewing
Ain’t afraid to death, so I get a try to chewing
You get confused just trying to count the money I’m pursuing
You say she gonna do what?
Let me turn down the music
We can’t be talking about the same good that I’ve been screwing
When that girl got brain like a honest stupid
And she catch more ball than a mind tumor
Me and my brother Bob like…. and run it….
Get money everywhere, kinda…
Between me and ya all, in the.. find the jewel
And that… to pet me up and turn me down it’s a fool
I am slickered than I’ve been…
If ice cubes can speak, they say I’m kinda cool
I’m bowling!
Break, break flyer than a sky diver
About to tell your girl pussy on pilot driver I hire you drivers
So no matter how rich I get, still, I’m a rider!
Wanna see me in person, gotta…
And send the show to… even if it’s to meeting…
..trying to get me, and it can’t get diamonds
But I am more interested in sharing dreams with diamonds
From… I’m a ticking time bomb
Try me is a death wish, death I find…
I like… baby, from dream squad
Lure my mind, press the on stop
Yeah haters, it won’t be long…
Before they crown or vote, we go beyond hearts
And now I get more… than a gun ball
You niggas just start bowling, jump ball!
Bitch, I’m bowling
Break, break, notch!