Domo Genesis - Table Tennis (2013)

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Domo Genesis - Table Tennis lyrics

You know that you could be walking down the street
And find a treasure.
And suddenly the world you see, you feel comes the pleasure.
Inside of me you feel that life’s for real
And you always want to spend your love about
Could you be down so long?
Just share the… what is all about!

Uh, smoke rising from the vehicle
It’s been a long ride!
They want me off, but I’m still high,
Still pushing that hoop on the one, oh, five
Cross the bridge still rising, see that skyline
You got me feeling alive!
Niggas said that I would…
Couldn’t stop me, bitch
I’ve been known for the missing love.
… like I was ten seconds from giving up
Hit them up!
We can see you kicking dust into these niggas,
Mention us!
Lived to prove against the odds,
It’s really nothing, I feel ‘em coming,
I’m… for young gun and devil on my back.
Feel like I’m sitting in the oven hot
Living how I want, got me some money,
Can you judge me? Not!
Still they do! It’s just something that I don’t listen to
Still I grew, thriving on, I feel like I was slipping through
Sticking truth, still into the mission, cause a nigga knew
I’m about to fly if they let me out this pigeon coop.

As I’m blazing this weed
As my mind start racing and my eye size bleed
As the quickie world turns and I define my G
I don’t sleep, I’m too busy, trying to find my peace!
One time for my niggas with a vision of the pictures
Stay determined in your work, well versed..
We’re together when it hurts, never let them see you injured
Make the reflection in your mirror, I offer something to remember
Do it single handly even when you see you can’t
You never needed company, all you needed was a chance
All you need is to believe, and all you can see is this shit advancing
Ain’t scared of you nigga, fear a nigga with a plan, uh!

Uh, uh, God
Uh, uh, God
Uh, uh, God