Dom Kennedy - My Type Of Party (On DJ Skee) (Live) (2012)

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Dom Kennedy - My Type Of Party (On DJ Skee) (Live) lyrics

Make money like Oprah, do it big like I'm Sosa
Never drink King Cobra, getting head on the sofa
OPM, it's over, nobody is colder
You niggas sniffing that coca, I don't even drink soda
Niggas gotta lift sober, I wrote this blowing dosia
Niggas know I'm a soldier, OPM 'til it's over
Phone by Motorola, I fuck with honeys that's older
I got money that's older, 18 karat, that's golden
Interviews on the phone and living life like a stoner
You can hit I don't own it, money give me boner
My car look like a loaner, I got hoes in Arizona
That got a college diploma, and my watch got pneumonia

Yo girl got a cute face, her friend got a nice body
They just wanna have fun, this my type of party
20 bitches in the lobby, it's plenty bitches in the lobby
They all drinking, they smoking, this my type of party