Dolly Parton - Marry Me lyrics

ooh, mmmm

Well, I met a boy from Grassy Branch
Fine as he can be.
I met him at the Big Barn Dance
And he took a shine to me.
Sky blue eyes
A big white smile
And tall as a sycamore tree.
He's really smart
With A real big heart,
And he's gonna marry me.

He's gonna marry me
And we're gonna go to town.
We're gonna buy us, a real big car
And we're gonna drive around.
We'll hold hands, touch and hug
He talks so sweet to me.
Cause he knows alot about love and stuff
And he's gonna marry me.

His mama don't like me, one little bit
But you know I don't care.
Let her pitch her hissy fit
Cause I ain't marrying her.
He's always been a mama's boy
Its just plain jealousy.
She's as mad as an old wet hen
Cause he's gonna marry me.

Oh, he's gonna marry me
And he's gonna buy me a ring.
We're gonna be so free
Cut mamas apron strings.
He's gonna build me a pretty little house
Have a pretty little baby or three.
Cause he's gonna, kiss me on the mouth
And he's gonna marry me

Yeah, hes gonna kiss me on the mouth,
And hes gonna marry me.