Dogs With Jobs - Shock lyrics

hey found me guilty of a crime that I'll
pay for with my death
They put me in a death row cell
to live out my final breath

I swear it's not my fault
It was an accident
In a few short hours I will get
my fatal punishment

Night has fallen soon morning comes
The executioner awaits me there
Along the hall, read my last rites
and then they shove me into the chair

They shave my head, ankles and wrists
Pull the straps tight, with a twist
Cream my head for good connection
& connect my electric injections

Sweat starts to sting in my eyes
I try to move my arms, yest I try
My ankles are sore in their binding
It's funny how a single lightbulb can blind me

The priest is here droning long and slow
He's boring as hell, but he sure looks pro
"have you anything to say before you go?"
"Yeah, give me a butt, but don't light it up...
smoking kills you know!!!"

In the corner of my eye I see a hand on the switch
I feel the sweat start dripping from the hair in my pits
I look around, there's no-one near me
through the glass they stare at me
All is quiet, a veil of silence
yet I barely hear the switch...