Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Wrong Time Wrong Planet lyrics

You're in luck
I'm waiting for the show to begin
I'm waiting for the stars to cave in
My first test as a king

I'm in a rush
I'm rollin' with the best for awhile
They do it but they do it with style
Yet no hint of a smile


I've perked up
I'm happy now the pills have kicked in
I'm happy but I get there with sin
What a state to be in

And when the heart flush
The days and the months that I've had
Breathing just as slow as I can
I can't wait to begin

Do you agree that we all should be living in outer space?

The curtain rolls up
I'm thinking of the joy that I've had
And what thing to take off this land
So here we go with a bang

I'm all strapped up
And ready to get out of this place
Now light it up and send me to space
So I can kiss the moon's face


Do you agree at all? We should be living in outer space.