Doctors & Dealers - Snow Child lyrics

Born in the winter and stuck underground, she was doomed to the coldness and to her own sound.

She was a shy girl and liked to play alone, she was waiting all summer for winter to come.

Noone could ever know why this girl likes to play with snow.
Noone could ever tell
Why she's always by herself.

When she got taller the snowballs got smaller,
For a summertime x-mas she just had to call.
Once she got caught in a cold winterstorm,
But instead of freezing she got so warm.

It now starts to show that the girl likes to play with snow.
But I have been told that she doesn't wanna get old.

You can blame it on the stars,
You can drown yourself in bars, fake a smile to hide the scars, deep inside.

But noone could ever know, why the girl liked to play with snow
And noone could never ever tell, why she was always by herself