Dl - Josephine lyrics

Now this one, uh huh, Kingston, Uh huh, Lyndon
Uh huh, Springfield, uh huh, Farmers, Uh huh, Meric
Uh huh, Jamica, uh huh (see what I mean) Hillside, Uh huh.
Ung Long shung long Unlong Pie, DL darling why?
You be the husband me be the wife...

Drop drop, wha drop drop wha drop drop whaa
TaTa Sandra Lee, Sandra Lee
Me make love to her she a go and chinese
Hung fung ching fung
DL please kiss me uh huhhhh uh huhh
There miss a king Yellow
In Queen City USA I do my thing fellow,
Without the bling, Hello
Ayoo I'm drinving slowowww
Ch-ch Checkin out the flowowww
King tubby Dub style on my stereoohhh
Thinkin about a cut a rug, rub a dub
Bubble at the Q club,
Type of Female just for DL
Little miss UHH, thats what ima call her
And she gonna have to check for me, for me I'm not a baller
Check me out in 5 mins, when ur finshed, when you hit a stout
Im not about that, I need a gal pickin me
From Leginee, into me, hitin me until she sick of me
Picture me, on Fran Louis, spot hoes a sewers
Street kind of sewers making left right menouvers,
Through the Traffic, see some school girls, they dress graphic
Your mind on to get her, warn me to one word
As I Slpurt, and catch the light on Lydon,
Rev the engine, I said one love to my brejerine
And the legend, heads popin, joints knockin
Shortys on the corner actin like they wanna hop in
Im not stopin, I'm pushin up to OGs
You can smell the steam fish food, the rice and peas
Dread, Gettin ghetto rich sellin boot leg flicks
He like waddup star you wanna get rich and switch
Im like Cool Aya, welcome to United
You kno sayin things like that, you bon fire
Uh, fly the gate, wait, thats when I seen her
Young fresh and green, word up I'm trying to meet her
So while I'm about to push up, I hope she aint shoosh up
I reached the front desk, she look up, my name is DL
So tell me wha ur name, wait, lemme guess, precious
She had me on the pressure scene, and she said she name,

[chorus: x4]
Josephine, The girl her name Josephine, see what I mean

And then she said, please do, tell me where you having
I said hopefully its you I'm having, candlelight with salmon
And maybe later on ,we can do some ballroom dancing
ANd if you like lovers rock I could call the Baron Simon
So where you from? KIngston. Which part, Barbacuan. Where you take, Dollavan,
Yo lemme take you home, and then she said no
But you kinda cute, ill take ur number, I said, what a bumba
ANd then I checked the bumper, yo lemme get a pen, ill be home aroud 10
And if you just let me in, ill be your new bestfriend
And just when I'm about to leave, yo she pulled me by my sleeve and said
DL what happened? You dont want a food for eat?
I said ofcourse Mama, yo it must have slipped my mind
If you have a litte time, wont you run it down the line
Well we'll have the ox tail, stew pea, jerk chicken
Curry Goured grown stew covered in the kitchen
Red snap of kingfish, escabeach style
Scotch bonnet pepper, if you want it hot or mild
Chicken foot crow cut, beef red pea soup
Serengie and G red stripped carrot juice
Break the cooca bread, and with out the bun and cheese
And the bleack Keyd, now can I take your order please?
I stood there for a second, undressing her in my mind
Told myself, I shouldnt have to be pressing her in my mind
CONSCIOUS was saying, if you wanna pulll it be smarter
You gotta act like you aint checkin, shell be sweating you harder
Im like true, make the order, we should care to sit by
As I looked, shorty gave a sexy wink with her eye
ANd I turned with no reply, like she wasnt a queen
Like I'm not checking, 2 months now, and I'm still thinkin about