Dj Craig G - You'll See lyrics

(feat. The LOX, Notorious B.I.G.)

[Verse One: Jadakiss]

Yeah alright then, you better act like you know
L to the O, X amount of flow
Ain't nothin changed but the range
While I got the inf dot on your head
Take all your scrill
Yeah I'm in it for the green
I get up in your seams, while you sunnin me
Like a nigga from Queens
My tape in your duel cassette runnin me
Wanna get in front of me player, but you can't get none of me
Better off gunnin me with hot slugs numbin me
Cause you and I both know the flow is comin, b
When you want it, now or later?
I get mijne and slide like a fresh pair of gators
With my mega click involved with Montego bricks
Niggas is mega sick and you know we roll mega thick
Up north, where they bust your man
In the custom van, interrupt your plans
Now it's back to grams, damn, ain't that somethin?
All that frontin, what you gonna do? Nothin
So let's keep things rationalized
Everything I write butta nationalized
I'm into gettin money, twistin honeys
Niggas is buyin Coupes while you on the stoop lookin funny
I'm a scorer, shorty loved the whole aura
Pussy wasn't all that, that's why i never call her
It's all about quick flips and phat mix
Gats with mad clips, TVs in your whips
My style's tight like Gotti when I cut you
Ceasar Picati or Versace joints with the buckle
Get the facts, I'm tryna get the Beamer with the hatch-
Top on for my man, so our shits match
Runnin 'round all crazy, twistin honeys back
And breakin niggas that come together with small stacks
Really though, screw yah, I never knew yah
Your click be like yellow lights, I'm runnin through yah


Bad Boy, Bad Boy, whatcha gonna do?
Watcha gonna do when we come for you?
You'll see, heh heh heh heh heh, you'll see [x2]

[Verse 2: Sheek Lucion]

Hard as it is to make a buck, I ain't tryna get stuck
So I'ma keep handlin beef like i don't give a fuck
It's all about respect, tec-9's, and papes
Big house in Italy and a yard where honeys crushin grapes
So I get down in my steamroom and give a long prayer
Knowin one day that I'll be Sheek Lucion the mayor
Fatigued out in my house or office
Blunt spots and crooked cops can't talk shit so the town support this
My staff rollin in Jags, Cruisers, and Coupes
Givin parades, and holdin rallies for the lifers' group
So what you gonna do when we come for you?
The same thing you been doin, house brewin
And bubble gum chewin while me and my mans is pursuin
Who you think the latest is in Hampton?
Rockin bansons, while I'm dancin, in the mansion
So cheers to the life of the ice in your chains and your watches
And you'll see how we Lox this


Bad Boy, Bad Boy, whatcha gonna do?
Watcha gonna do when we come for you?
You'll see, heh heh heh heh heh, you'll see [x2]

[Verse 3: Notorious BIG]

Niggas talkin it, but ain't livin it
Crystal pop, I'm sippin it, mob hats and lizard shit
They the chumps bitch
Rollin blunts with the Willy-est of the Willy
Hits like cops, them ones with 9-mili
Stories like a motherfucker
Model bitch is wonderin if I'ma fuck with her
She know, I treat my bitches like Ivana
Dolce & Cabana drippin, Big Poppa never slippin
E-class, diamonds, shinin
Dinner with wife, winin and dinin
Smokin cigars in Bogata
With Colombian niggas named Panama and Enrique and shit
Games we play, life endin
Bitches bendin over with ease, for a pair of Moschino jeans
And Donna Karen tank top, I got your bank stock
Singles on top, benjamins under the rest of them
Advancin from duplex to mansion
Stashin keys, hidin g's overseas
VCR's in my V's, game elevate
Money I make into stocks and real estate, bitch
Jet skiin in the Carribean
White sands, discussin plans with my man
Dark blue Land, smoke jet, chrome rims
With a system that leave my rear views tremblin
Whatcha gon do when Poppa ctach your attitude?
Drop to your knees and show gratitude
Kiss my ring, it's a Frank White thing, I stay potent
Bitches devoted, take my dick and deep throat it