Divine Souls - Perished lyrics

A chapter ends another one begins
But time will heal your wounds
Turn the page and try to forget
And your heart will ease from grief

All your visions have died
Your life has been dethroned
There are no more tears in your eyes
You are numb by the shock
You are shattered by the tragedy
And the loneliness are unbearable

A hidden source to descend
In the essence of your dreams
A hidden source to descend
To find shelter from reality

Just like all forms of life
It all begins and ends
Everything will be drained from life
Life is like a flower
That blooms but also withers
But it seeds will precede unto a new life

When tears no longer exist it's hard to cry
The agony inside increase every second
Your life is torned apart you feel forlorn
The soul inside of you soon to be redeemed