Disney - Together We Can -- By The Cheetah Girls lyrics

We can do anything
Just you and me baby baby baby,baby, babe
Wait and see.

Hold on, sit tight.
Are you ready for a crazy ride?
Your on your own, it ain't right.
Somethings gotta give tonight.

So if you wanna run, run and dissappear.

You and I can bust are ways right out of here.

(Chorus x2)(Galleria) Others sing ()
(Together we can)
Shoot the moon, stop the rain, even ride a hurricane
If we wanna
(Together we can)
Walk into space, save the human race, do you think we oughta? (oughta)

If we take our time, we can have it all.

I don't think we're gonna make it on our own.

(Galleria) Others sing()
Together we can.
Even ride a hurricane, if we wanna. (C'mon)
(Together we can)
Walk into space save the human race.
Do you think we oughta? (Oughta)

Together we can!