Disencumbrance - Dimensions Of Reality lyrics

Death is a realm, I'm yet to explore
Twisting my mind, contorted thoughts reveal
Violent acts of rituals I perform
Chanting the rites in the enochian tongue
Invocations rip through my soul
Ancient guides I summon thee
Conjuring the spirits of the dead
The blood I've consumed intensifies my wrath
Lord of the dead, my cries thee heard
As I command, come forth from the abyss
I suddenly hear the screams call unto me, Matt!
I my presence eyes appear burning
Through black twisted mangled shapes
Demons I've summoned reside
Writhing in painful dismay
Reaching their heands unto me
In a guttural voice they have said "Come!"
As I follow lead into astral domains
My minds in a trance
Darkness surrounding my sight
Senses are becoming numb
Soaring through regions of death
This world full of lost souls
Disembodied spirits manifesting
As they speak these words
"Follow us and we shall grant you
Supernatural powers to control death!"
Coldness surrounding my soul
As I see vision of me murdering
Can this be?!
Seal this covenant with blood
I'm consumed by suffering
The desire to kill sets in
Fill this void within my soul