Disease Of The Nation - Killers Of The Death lyrics

Slaughter, murderer, suffer
Don't forget the pain
heavy metal dude

Nightmare, despair, hammer
Blood is evil
and it tastes so good

(Summer wine is killing me softly)

We're the tyrants
Fuck the silence
We're the sons of the antichrist
We love the smell of rotten corpses
We're the soldiers of pitch black forces

Fallen angels
rape the strangers
Please let your daughters
quickly outside
Cock, shit, cunt, ass
slut, whore, hell
This is the point we are
supposed to tell

We are the children of hate
Love and happiness can wait
Eternal darkness is our fate

Master's kingdom is not far
Life is our infernal war
You should know what we are...

Killers of the death

Hate is an everlasting feeling
We won't ever submit to healing