Discovery - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend lyrics

I wanna be your boyfriend
There's no use in pretending
Because I can't help thinking
I'm a terrible liar
Now I wake in a cold
In the middle of the night
and I'm thinking of you
with a startle and a freight
'cause I wanna be your boyfriend

I started sleeping in your bed
But I woke up on the floor
I did your laundry while you slept
and hung it up beside the door
I want to dress you in the morning
in last night's clothes
I want to be your boyfriend
but I don't want anyone to know

I just brushed my teeth
and I made up my mind
I don't want to have to act coy
Haven't slept in weeks
and I can't think straight at night
I'm such a selfish boy
I wanna be your boyfriend.