Disarmonia Mundi - Stepchild Of Laceration lyrics

There are so many things that still escape from your numb and drug-infected brain
So stuck in the mud you call a life sedated, self-castrated
Your existence is such a waste of time just make an effort and check your pride
I know the surface may look fine, but deep inside you're nothing but shit

Come alive and make my vision clear for all to see
Look inside and slash your way out of this misery
Lacerate my soul as I

Revive - Inside I have no feelings I ain't a thing you can control
Surrender to a stepchild of laceration
Rise - Alive without a meaning starting to lose control
Surrender to the stepchild of laceration

I feel so comfortable in my guilt 'coz things ain't that bad when you sin
At least I have a soul to sell deranged and quite obscene
Oh god, don't praise me like a whore keep your mouth shut and walk out that door
The human abstract at its peak I just removed the skin and saw the freak within

Laceration crawling inside my skin 'till I bleed
Lost in perdition why don't you pray for me anymore

I feel so cold laceration child I feel so lost in perdition starting to revive