Dirtyseal - Shadow Boxing lyrics

Paranoid perception- stabbing sheets in the dark

I like to laugh at my endeavors, far too clever to narc

But if you spark a conversation just be patient, at heart

My words are hollow, if you follow find the route to the art

I'm not a Zionist , supplying Israel with the weapons

I'm on lockdown in Gitmo Bay, screaming and crying for seconds

You hesitated 'fore you spoke to me, you're choking, mouth is open

Cut your throat is what you're hoping, B, closed casket's what your folks'll see

I'm roped in like an addict, scream my name through the static

Know I'm neurotic, but I've spotted all the bats in the attic

So let's have it and I'm attracted to pleasure, the pain

A reign of terror, it's a swear word just to utter my name

Nothing to gain, I got the feeling I'm just spinning my wheels

So why not run some people over just to see how it feels

To taste the blood of innocent, politicians accosted

When they claim their innocence, it's plain to see that they've lost it


A bitter insight into fighting alone

The perseverance and adherence to a creed that you own

Can't feel the pain of the blows, the ones that fracture the bone

Get right back up, no matter what and turn that soul into stone

Now you know

A bitter insight into fighting alone

The disappearance of the family and friends that you'd known

Don't see the selfless plight or all the sins you atone

The only hope that you can leave a little blood on the throne

I take it back, I wasn't meant for this mission

I'll take a dagger to the eyes for the demise of a vision

I pissed religion and admission, capital elitism

Too late to crawl into the shell, like social un-circumcision

Perdition is personified, persisting past pessimism

Projecting prominent depictions peril-plagued premonition

If I was given a decision, I might chose passivism

But it's unlikely, I'd drop heights into predestined divisions

I'm living day to day, I bear the cross of conscience and greed

The id and superego battling to tackle the need

If I take heed of the occasion then I'll scour for salaries

No longer part of the persuasion that would scowl at formalities

In reality (moot point) no topic there to consider

The happiness that I once felt is now dealt cold as the winter

And you might snicker and laugh, act crass and try to convey

Your own belligerence, but ignorance won't get me to sway


Rational thought, a victim taught to play the part

Despite a grin, the fix was in for me to crack from the start

Starting up the transmission, gritting my teeth as I'm twisting

You don't agree with my position, you won't shut up and listen

They're listening to me right now, their altruistic affliction

Salivating ambition, wishing just to bring my submission

Suspicion gets me no further than an exposed exhibition

Asking questions is like requesting guests of my opposition

Permission to molest myself, I might detest me as well

But you won't have my full accordance 'til we're freezing in hell

So just dispel disinformation you've derived from my diction

Abstraction adds an addition to my advanced ammunition

And friction flowing through frenetically, like frequent transmissions

Will have me ransoming myself- response to my requisition

To persist in impudence, cuff the slit wrist acquisition

(here's to the throne) I'll throw the first stone at my own crucifixion