Dirtyseal - Rendezvous Blues lyrics

Two days- a weekend retreat, hence my defeat

Should of been expected, interested, indiscrete

Trying to keep the stress down to coincide with the beat

There was part of me that secretly could sweep her off her feet

Although, I'm not a street sweeper- the dexterous type

But no one said it wasn't right to text her ass all night

So when it came to fight or flight, I should've chosen to write

Instead hitting the reply to read her lies excite

We need respite and half a year's just not going to cut it

For us to air out our inequities and step in the public

But I'm above it, so I play the game and catch her attention

Call me later, I evade her and it goes without mention

Catch a snack and catch some Z's, wake up quarter to three

Tell her if she's not busy, she should be chilling with me

I decree we catch we a movie but she opts for the sun

Ain't she the type to always keep her little boy on the run


Inquiries, tests, games, questions

Forked tongues in cheeks with ill-intentions

Rendezvous blues stay in tune to our consistency

We axed the climax and leapt straight into the mystery

Oh no, it's half past four, she's almost at the door

Barely gave me time to let the mind explore

I implore if I can drive, bring the puppy as well

'cause it'd be nice to walk a bitch who doesn't kiss and tell

I'm being humorous- she using this to gauge to gauge my affection

And so I take this opportunity to teach her a lesson

Acting out on my independence, like I'm dealing a deck

I know she's doing me favor by folding out of respect

That's okay, I like the circles- used to have me a bike

That I could only ride in cal-de-sacs, in guardians site

So if she's right to keep on riding, I've got rage to incite

Until she's too frustrated to fit the frame of polite

Alright, I drop the spite, I'm mister colloquialism

And I'm under the premonition to revoke my decision

'cause she's the closest thing to caring I could ever recall

And she's as close as I could come to tearing down this wall


Gripped up the game face, got a shower and glanced

At the man in the mirror and then proceeded to dance

I'm not an egoist, but can't resist a slight celebration

The way I'm planning it, she's handing in her own resignation

I've got the toys, I've got the plans- insight from infiltration

I've got the words she's never heard- make contrite from tribulations

And now I've even got a motive 'cause she's showing retention

And even when she's sitting next to me, I can sense the apprehension

Like an immediate drop, my stocks plummet and crash

And so I grab the device that holds my secrets and stash

I can't believe I came so close to exposure of such degree

With a girl that doesn't really want to kick it with me

It's like she's over it, well, she should be- two years too much

For her to want to be embraced or be okay with my touch

Its cool, I'm over it, as I should be- two years is too long

To be so wrapped in somebody that you write them a song- damn it


We asked for the facts and found tact within the history

I laugh at the act, it's abstract just who her mister be