Dirtyseal - Pokerface lyrics

Hate to say it hurts worse than the first time

Alleviate the pain, starting out with the worst rhyme

A thirst crime, committed from a common mirage

Took a sip and let it drip out of my open jaws

Pause- radar failure, warned myself

The only thing this fighter's known for is her tack and stealth

Claiming epiphanies, appreciates the one that she's hurt

I'm at the bottom of the stairs, staring up her skirt

But she motionless, fully aware of my perspective

No interest in a major, but she'll take on my elective

'til she starts to pass the courses

Not even lined up at gate, but already trying to hold her horses

The force is a tool, we dictate it's direction

I feel her trying to pull and I run a quick

Gunshot called off, jet's in flames

Turns out she's trying to trap me in the same old games


How could you ever know what's real when you don't even take the time to feel?

How could you ever know what's real when you don't even take the time to feel?

How much more to go through, how much more to suffer?

What else is undisclosed, what else is undiscovered?

Yes, conscious of my devious position

I try to contend, she quickly sends me in remission

Insecure and losing face

Like a crying child clinging to a mother's waist

Combat the feelings, stand tall, stand strong

Convince yourself that the facts are all wrong

On top of that, power up, shoot off the screen

Can't let the actions be influenced like a figurine

Time to express the poise that you've been keeping out of sight

For so long it's birth burns like a blinding light

Light that does no justice overthrowing the fear

Because the darkness of another exceedingly near

Despite wishful thinking, it's abundantly clear

That she's as numb to my existence as the passing year


Feel me, feel emotion, devotion, allegiance

Don't just try to feel me out with brutal bouts and sieges

Engaged in public, the battleground shifts

Like a king without a crown, bound by the wrists

I'm optimistic of the of the discourse thinking we could make some progress

Dropping all of my defenses, no reluctance to be honest

Should've known better, I should've left it alone

Because this little Robin Hood was trying to rob the throne

Blown out of proportion to cause a blush

And hitch a ride into the mind behind a slight head rush

Her touch- warm like a memory, relaxed and sexy

Can't trust the will, I can only hope she rejects me

Like the promise of the sun inside a sunken abyss

She steals the deal when I query her for one last kiss

Take all you need, ake me for a fool

It's shame, you'll never know my soul

(chorus x2)