Dirty Dike - Am I (feat. Ed Scissortongue) lyrics

Dirty Dike

Am I wack like your first show
Or am I bad like a black magic curse
No im fat like a burst nose.
Clap from the back to the third row
Back slappin' birds am i just a sack
Of words and some cracked bones.
Am I lost in this bucket full of knuckleheads
Fucking messed
Stuffler when your drunk and theres nothing said.
Am I missin' out on love in my public bed
Nothing yet trust but im stuck puffin' drugs instead.
Am I tough as lead 'cos what my mother said
Trapped 'til i spread rubbish dust now we're huggin' less.
Am I causing your husband some sudden stress
Or am i just another bunken thats under dressed.
None the less.
They say im fine like a sunken vest why
'Cos im fucking fresh rhyming like drunken sex.
Am I trapped in the spiral of drugs and death
The vinyl thats scratched or the cries when your mothers dead.
Im in your mind when it bubbles red
So im like five tons of trouble when theres nothing there
A sick muddle, am i a kiss or a big cuddle
Am I a big fat shit or a sick puddle.
Am I the big muscle twitch when your bitch struggles
This is it juggle this script 'til i spit rubble
Quick swift and it shit am i a big piss
Sick as the switchblade ripped by the thick stubble.
Am I normal or am i sane.
Shall i snorkel my way through the thoughts of my shallow brain.
And not pause 'til im back again
Am I gorpin' in pain at my war face or am i vain.
Am I the skin of the drum that your tappin' on
Clap along let your head snap to a happy song.
Am I a back stage pass or a
Smile as wide as your fat mates arse.
My rap breaks stars and takes half your mates bars
Straight past ancient days and leaves great scars.
Leaves great fucking scars. Yeah.
Am I the tit bitch the what is this the hot business
Its lost spirit and only stops to rock lyrics
A novelist with a lot of shit in his esophagus
The doctor said stop but im lost so ive got to spit.
What is this. And thats an obvious blag
Am I captain piss mask got lost in me bag
Or a spot in your mag or a slag getting robbed off
God this is mad im just dodging the plan.
To escape the face and be free when i sufficate
Nothings changed drunk puffin' eighths in a fucking state.
In a fucking state.

Ed Scissortongue

Am I the missing link
Hobbit feet, tree swinging monkey grin.
Tectonic hint of a stoned faced chizzle chin
Am I the will to win
Like a million men who missioned in the depths of winter
just to stop nazi militia men pillaging their villages
Man am I the village idiot who dribbles my deliverance