Dire Straits - Telegraph Road lyrics (Chinese translation). | A long time ago came a man on a track 
, Walking thirty miles with a pack on his back 
, And he put...
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Dire Straits - Telegraph Road (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: A long time ago came a man on a track
ZH: 很久以前来了一名男子在一条轨道上

EN: Walking thirty miles with a pack on his back
ZH: 在他的背上走与一包三十英里

EN: And he put down his load where he thought it was the best
ZH: 他放下他的负荷,他认为这是最好的

EN: Made a home in the wilderness
ZH: 在荒野中作一个家

EN: He built a cabin and a winter store
ZH: 他建一间小屋和一个冬天存储区

EN: And he ploughed up the ground by the cold lake shore
ZH: 他开垦由冷湖岸

EN: And the other travellers came riding down the track
ZH: 其他的旅行者来了骑马下来轨道

EN: And they never went further, no, they never went back
ZH: 他们永远不走的远,不,他们再也没回去

EN: Then came the churches then came the schools
ZH: 然后教会来了学校

EN: Then came the lawyers then came the rules
ZH: 然后,律师来了规则 》

EN: Then came the trains and the trucks with their loads
ZH: 然后来了,火车和与他们装载卡车

EN: And the dirty old track was the telegraph road
ZH: 脏旧的赛道是电报公路

EN: Then came the mines - then came the ore
ZH: 然后来了地雷-然后来了矿石

EN: Then there was the hard times then there was a war
ZH: 然后就是艰难的时候然后那里是一场战争

EN: Telegraph sang a song about the world outside
ZH: 电报唱一首歌着外面的世界

EN: Telegraph road got so deep and so wide
ZH: 电报公路变得这么深、 这么宽

EN: Like a rolling river. . .
ZH: 像滚动条河。.

EN: And my radio says tonight it's gonna freeze
ZH: 我的电台今晚说它要冻结

EN: People driving home from the factories
ZH: 从工厂开车回家的人

EN: There's six lanes of traffic
ZH: 有 6 车道的交通

EN: Three lanes moving slow. . .
ZH: 三条车道缓慢。.

EN: I used to like to go to work but they shut it down
ZH: 我以前喜欢去工作,但他们把它关掉

EN: I got a right to go to work but there's no work here to be found
ZH: 我有权利去工作,但没有工作将被发现

EN: Yes and they say we're gonna have to pay what's owed
ZH: 是的他们说我们要付什么欠

EN: We're gonna have to reap from some seed that's been sowed
ZH: 我们要从一些已播下的种子收获

EN: And the birds up on the wires and the telegraph poles
ZH: 和电线和电线杆上的鸟儿

EN: They can always fly away from this rain and this cold
ZH: 他们总是可以飞这雨和这个冷

EN: You can hear them singing out their telegraph code
ZH: 你可以听到他们唱出它们的电报码

EN: All the way down the telegraph road
ZH: 一路下来的电报路

EN: You know I'd sooner forget but I remember those nights
ZH: 你知道我会很快忘记但我还记得那些夜晚

EN: When life was just a bet on a race between the lights
ZH: 生命的时候只是赌灯之间的竞赛

EN: You had your head on my shoulder you had your hand in my hair
ZH: 你有你的头在我肩上你将你的手在我的头发

EN: Now you act a little colder like you don't seem to care
ZH: 现在你好像有点冷你似乎并不在乎

EN: But believe in me baby and I'll take you away
ZH: 但相信我的孩子,会带走你

EN: From out of this darkness and into the day
ZH: 从这片黑暗和入一天

EN: From these rivers of headlights these rivers of rain
ZH: 从这些河流的车灯这些河流雨

EN: From the anger that lives on the streets with these names
ZH: 从与这些名称在街上住的愤怒

EN: 'cos I've run every red light on memory lane
ZH: ' 因为我已经在内存车道上运行每次闯红灯

EN: I've seen desperation explode into flames
ZH: 我见过绝望爆发的火焰

EN: And I don't want to see it again. . .
ZH: 我不想再看一次。.

EN: From all of these signs saying sorry but we're closed
ZH: 从所有这些迹象说抱歉,但我们关门

EN: All the way down the telegraph road
ZH: 一路下来的电报路