Dikta - Blonde Burnette lyrics

These one-sided talks to the mirror are killing me
An argument lost, he is ever so smart
And I try and I try talking him out of it
But he‘s got unreason down to an art

He knows the price of all things that surround him
But he knows the value of nothing at all
Help him, please help him to stay on his feet
He is going, he‘s going to fall

But/and now, everything‘s clearer and so serene
Suddenly I don‘t feel sad and unclean
Suddenly I don‘t feel strange and obscene

You‘re the one, you‘re my savior
You believe in the things that keep me alive
I‘m alright now, I feel fine
Please just don‘t ever let me go
You are the light of my life

Now when I talk to him everything‘s changed
We don‘t argue at all, and we always agree
One of these days we will merge into one
Then I‘m finally, finally free