Digital Underground - Man's Girl lyrics

[Digital Underground x2]
If you can't take me home with you
Then a lap dance will have to do

If you can't take me home with you..

[Shock G]
Anybody got change for twenty?
Mmm, shake it up, shake it up
Yeah, I know it's rough out here, love
But we got your back

[Chorus x2]
Give it up cause she's a man's girl
She's bubbling in a man's world
Give it up cause she's a man's girl
She's struggling in a man's world

[Shock G]
Now tell me, can you tell the difference
Between a fast-tracking, skank-gaming tramp
And a man's girl
Kind of seems the same with just one glance
See, both of them cause erections from afar
But upon closer inspection it becomes clear
Money B gonna get you in there

[Money B]
See, a clever girl knows
Not just hoes work them skirts that's mini

Prostitutes that dress this way
Try to imitate most of the uptown bitties
Now we don't really want to speak upon
Those girls who act real slutty
But we will talk about those man's girls
Those are the one we're studying

[Shock G]
She's real secure, pretty toes pedicured
Baby got her own money
She thinks brothers who floss are funny
Ain't afraid to lick that honey off my body
Feminist party issues she don't care about
Understands men well and knows the power of long hair

[Money B]
I doubt
If she'll fall for the type whose pants are tight on
His pookie
Likes her sex fresh and fruity with the light on
That booty


Oohwee, she popping! Gotta be, got me jocking
Even Nike and Reebok, the girl I'm talking about be rocking
Them pumps with the toes