Diggy - What They Been Waiting For lyrics (Chinese translation). | You see the shoes right,
, You like the i walk,
, Igotta clue right,
, I hear the people talk,And...
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Diggy - What They Been Waiting For (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: You see the shoes right,
ZH: 您看到的鞋子,

EN: You like the i walk,
ZH: 你喜欢我的步行,

EN: Igotta clue right,
ZH: Igotta 线索,

EN: I hear the people talk,And what i'm saying what you hating for,
ZH: 我听一听人们说,和我说什么你恨,

EN: You know who it is,
ZH: 你知道这是谁,

EN: what you've been waiting for wa-what you've been waiting for(*3]
ZH: 你一直等待 wa 什么你一直在等待 (* 3]

EN: i know who it is
ZH: 我知道这是谁

EN: what they been waitin for
ZH: 他们被扔的扔

EN: I got my hoes wit me,
ZH: 拥有我的锄头机智我,

EN: I got my drumers druming,
ZH: 我得到了我的 drumers druming,

EN: It's your boy Diggy go head and gimme sumthin
ZH: 这是您的儿子 Diggy 去头,给我个知己恰似

EN: See what the problem is im actually kinda dope,
ZH: 看看哪些问题是 im 其实有点笨蛋,

EN: not like an average kid i bet thats wat you probly hope,
ZH: 不像一般的孩子,我敢打赌这就是扫管笏你一点点希望,

EN: they say im quote unquote, comin from the rich folks but thats my pops bread but i can spit tho
ZH: 他们说 im 引号,但这就是丰富的家伙们从进我的持久性有机污染物面包,但我可以吐寿

EN: Because im young and articulate very different, Contest material, Even the old heads diggin it
ZH: 因为 im 年轻、 善于表达的非常不同,比赛材料,甚至饥饿它老首长

EN: They can't distinguish it, crazy, the way I'm spitting it
ZH: 他们不能区分它疯狂,我唾弃它的方法

EN: Age don't even begin in it, greatness is all I linger in
ZH: 年龄甚至不在它开始、 伟大是所有我挥之不去的

EN: The young prodigy bringing the habit and I don't need to be the badest for the status
ZH: 年轻的天才,使习惯和我不需要柜状态

EN: It's like My apparatus status style on radus it's free
ZH: 就像我的设备状态风格上 radus,它是免费

EN: In case you stand us it's me the little man u see
ZH: 万一你站在我们这是我的小个子 u 请参阅

EN: I'm growing up right in front of your eyes
ZH: 摆在面前的眼睛成长过程

EN: Yeah I'm what they been looking for it's no surprise
ZH: 是的我已经是他们一直看它是不令人意外

EN: You see these shoes right, you like the way i walk, i got it cool right, i hear them people talk,And wat im sayin is wat you been hatin for, you kno who it is, what you been waitin for (x2)
ZH: 你看到这双鞋右,你喜欢的走路,酷吧了,我听见他们人谈话,说是扫管笏的扫管笏 im 被眼的你知道这是,和你一直闹情绪什么 (2)

EN: wha what you been waitin for
ZH: 世界卫生大会您被扔的扔

EN: I know who it is wat they been waitin for.
ZH: 我知道谁是他们一直闹情绪扫管笏。