DigHayZoose - Slatherage lyrics

I am alive I take a breath lookit here boy you see life you see death spirit white
flesh full of Adam love by love and judged by man driven by fear or motivation of love one of these is hell,
but it gets the job done careful now slanderers go to hell don't they?
well let me show you a more excellent way.

well I am a live I give myself away after all I died the same day
he came to show the fruits in me slow sun ripens
I sow the seeds can you feel the love joy peace just can't fake it 'cause we can't make it
I'll wait for you with a gentle smile lost the curse of the law
cause I can't take it a mystery a puzzlebook holds the key
if our spirit eyes look inside you can't force it you can't learn it
to know it you gotta wait for your time bud of love to receive step of faith to believe

I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve one time
coming and he'll never leave so now grow up and stand on your own two feet
the father's willing and the spirit leads chains are not becoming so let them lay take a first step - forever journey starts today