Die Warzau - Terrorform lyrics

Round round medicine mind
Change your world wanna change your mind
Flow flow like a romeo
Animals dying for the rodeo

Can't speak the knees too weak
To protect the poor To protect the weak
We all give a little bit more
To buy our goods at the corner store

All wrapped in a plastic bag
Shop and shop it's the best we had
Fat break with all we make
A little bit more and a big mistake

We're all meat and we break too sweet
Stomp on the planet with our own two feet
They pay you to figure out which
Convenience they buy your loyalty with

Come inside blur your eyes
Stare at the world as it slowly dies
Pray pray everything you fear
Our ecosystem wanna disappear

Rage rage think in your mind
The end of us is the end of time
The smoke clears the war dies down
We all will die but the life goes on

We are not men
We are machines that take the breath of life away
We are not men
We are pathetic animals who kill to kill
We are not sane
We are colluding with the enemy is us
We are not sane
We are destroying things we are unfit to touch