Die Happy (USA) - Die Happy lyrics

Hidden in the alley of a darkened street
I waited for my victim to draw closer to me
Prepared for attack, she couldn't react
as I lunged to grab her cash
As she fell down her head hit the ground
and she died


Guilty is the verdict that they
Handed to me
Guilty of murder in the first degree
Sentenced to death in a chamber of gas
I'm led away to die
Thrown in alone in my final home
Am I really prepared to die?

I'm worthy of hell
Can you feel my pain?

Locked in a grave of concrete and gas
Fearing every breath my be my last
I fall down to pray on my knees
Lord, can you forgive me?

I found the ultimate glory
In my time of death
As a poisoned gas steals my breath
I lose all feeling and fall to the floor
I'm fading away
I'm fading away