Die Happy - Take You On A Ride (Superficial Show) lyrics

Sittin' deep in a leather chair, it's dark
Curtain's up and the masterpiece will start
Glitter on the scene
Young and old in the battle for career
Lovely people are shifting up a gear
Welcome to the scene

Where are you now?
(come and) save me now
When the lights go down

I wanna take you on a ride
We will run away tonight
Save me from being no-one

I wanna take you far away
Doesn't matter what they say
Save me from being no-one

Sittin' deep in this leather chair, it's cold
Shallow stars in this superficial show
On remote control
I feel drunk, feel so dizzy when I see
How they move, how they talk and seem to be
Poisoning my soul

They're shallow shallow shallow
Shallow stars in their superficial shows
The higher the bill the more the ego grows
So run away

I don't wanna take this anymore
Don't wanna be just like a whore
Who's on remote control
I don't wanna be like everyone
All we gotta do is run
Pride comes before a fall