Diddy-Dirty Money - Strobe Lights (feat. Lil Wayne) (2010)

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Diddy-Dirty Money - Strobe Lights (feat. Lil Wayne) lyrics

[Lil Wayne]
love is the party, my heart is such a disco ball
she’s inline waiting
my guest list too long
I tild her I would love her
lover her as forever
forever’s just a word
I put words together
stepping on the stars, she pause and I know that
one day this show will end, applause
the strobe lights are dancing
we’ve taken all the chances
she question what we are
and I’ll drink to the answer cause
my heart is out of service
my eyes turn black
I don’t see love anymore I’m blind to the fact
I got the world in my pocket cause I ain’t tryna drop it
the sky is at my neck, so I turn up my collar
my world spin around her
cause its a whirl without her
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when you know, like I know
when the sunlight falls down
there she goes

strobe lights dance with the stars
and I just can’t live without her
and she know what she knows
and the rain is coming down
my heart is closed. I know she knows

strobe lights dance with the stars
and I always take my time

and when the lights fade
the lights they turn gray
bitch you don’t love me no more
I’m at the end babe
going the wrong way
and I don’t know where to go
I’m on a new way
tomorrows too late
b*tch you don’t love me more
you got me standing on the verge