Diablo - Hammer lyrics

I don't remember last night
Did I past out or did I get into a fight
Well, now it's just you and me
and I would love to take you for a ride
It's like a shot right between the eyes

I'm so sick and tired of your face
They remind that everything
has gone insane
That is exactly how I feel
So come on, let me entertain you
until your voice is dead

Say your prayers little one
The end has now begun
and I waste no time at all
'cos here we stand or fall

It's time for the hammer to fall

Forward march to the point of no return
Can you feel the sound of war?

I've got nothing to lose
So you can just sit back and watch yourself
becoming number two
I will treat you like a dog
Don't you know bad things come quick
so this shouldn't take too long