Deville - Crashing Down lyrics

I said goodbye to my old life today and i can't
Take it back guess that life is strange, friends
Will stray and it's always been that way

Now i know that i'm just as fucked up as i seem
Cause all i do is sit around this place all day
And think of what i cannot say

So many things have come and gone so long and did
We even see them? so many people say this life is
Wrong but did they even know

What it means to live a life so free you know they
Don't cause they just don't see that all they do,
Is sit around this place all day and think of what
They cannot say

I can't wait, to see the day when it all comes
Crashing down i guess we'll see what it means cause
In the end we've made no sound i know i'm what i
Need holding on for better days i guess we'll see
What it means and in the end we'll make no sound