DevilDriver - Bitter Pill lyrics

Turn your tired eyes home,
Put the sword to stone - Death by boredom
The rich man bears the burden,
That the poor man seeks to chase...
The chase is certain

Did not see it coming
Better stand for something
They’re wicked as they come
Break the cycle...
Racing down the flames,
While building the coffins
Iron unbroken - Break the cycle...

It's a bitter pill...
Such a bitter pill to swallow (repeat)

I’ve broke the cycle, after all of these years
Death by boredom...
Not afraid to reveal, what the world is sensing
The chase is certain...

[Pre-Chorus] / [Chorus]

Silence, my companion...
-With pride, it's going Worldwide
-It’s spreading Worldwide
-Across the Great Divide (- repeat)

Healer, believer - On bended knee,
When push comes to shove...
Healer, believer - Time & time again,
You push me too far...

...It's a bitter pill (Such a bitter pill) (x3)
...Such a bitter pill to swallow