Detritus - Let Peace Begin With Me lyrics

I see those grose atrocities
I mourn those needless deaths I see
Outrage grips my soul, their pain plays on my mind
But then I can get back to life and leave it all behind
Numbered emotions, a teardrop dries away
A memory the residue that's safely kept at bay

Lord, open my mind, open my soul, see the reality
Come, take my emotions, turn into actions, remove the apathy
Death, seen as solution, blind aggression, insensitivity
Let peace begin with me!

I blame "them", they probably blame me
Deluded by security
Our actions may be raindrops, together they're a flood
Maybe though our ignorance our own hands stained with blood
Self-preoccuaption, selfishness the knife
Man has mastered killing but he never will give life.