Determination - Child Of Innocence lyrics

Verse One

Child of Innocence
Departure... for so long time away
You passed your way through the darkness
But no one's here to blame
Folded hands, blood-rotten knees
Your will to live sucked out, diseased
What made you turn away from eternity?


You tore your back and over that deception learned to distress
Don't look back and open your serenity

Verse Two

Blood has been shed enough
Don't you shed your blood in vain
You made your own will loose control
Now what have you become to me?
My arms were open wide for you
You're not the same I knew before
Child of Innocence I know you're still there


When you was weak I cared for you
You gave me your life and now you run and hate
I know you're broken
Come to me
Every night I cry, I cry for you, cry for you
And every night I weep, I weep for you
But you never come...
And every night I wait for you...